Nyz' embroidery

Example of Nyz' embroidery, Ukraine. Example of Nyz' embroidery, Ukraine.

Nyz' embroidery derives from the eastern part of the Podillya region of the Ukraine (southwestern Ukraine and parts of Moldava). It derives its name (meaning 'below') from the way the embroidery is worked, namely on the reverse side of the cloth working in straight lines.

The individual threads pass over and under 1 3 or 5 warp/weft threads (more than that would cause problems as the individual embroidery stitches would be too long and could snag). In addition, the individual rows of embroidery are deliberately staggered in order to create the characteristic diagonal lines. This style of work is related to the Nyzynka style of embroidery from the Hutsul region, along the Romanian/Ukrainian borders. Nyz' is generally worked in black and is marked by its clear diagonal lines.

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