Udklipshedebo (Denmark)

Example of Udklipshedebo needlework from Denmark. Example of Udklipshedebo needlework from Denmark.

Udklipshedebo, or Hedebo needle lace, is a Danish form of whitework embroidery, often regarded as free-style, using cut work and embroidered lace techniques, which developed from the mid-nineteenth century, when Danish embroiderers started to fill in their traditional design patterns with embroidered lace, worked in buttonhole stitch and scallop stitch, thus developing a style called Udklipshedebo.

The patterns are filled with curves, points, as well as Hedebo rings (wheels). The lace-embroidered areas are often surrounded by embroidered leaves worked in satin stitch, which may be padded with small stitches underneath. Holes made with stilettos, such as the holes made for broderie anglaise, are also used.

Hedebo needle lace can be seen on traditional costumes, and later on small table cloths and on collars for women and children. From the 1900's onwards, Udklipshedebo was found in almost every middle-class home on table clothes, serviettes, tea cosies and collars of educated (artistic) women’s garments.

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