Moynalty Lace

The Irish village of Moynalty lies about six km from the town of Kells and is often said to have been the origin of Moynalty lace.

There are various general accounts of Moynalty lace on the internet that refer to so-called Moynalty lace being supplied to the wife of King George IV "at Buckingham Palace". In fact, a lace dress and later lace trimmings, with Kells lace, were supplied to Queen Adelaide, wife of William IV, who lived at Buckingham House (rather than Buckingham Palace, which only became the main royal residence of the British monarch during the reign of Queen Victoria). During the early nineteenth century, girls from Moynalty were involved in embroidering net lace for Emma Colston, the owner and producer of Kells lace. The Moynalty lace mentioned in these accounts may well have been Kells lace. The question thus remains whether there ever was a distinctive form of lace being produced in Moynalty.

Source: FRASER, James (1844), A Hand Book for Travellers in Ireland: Descriptive of its Scenery, Towns, Seats, Antiquities, etc, Dublin: John Curry Jun and Company, p. 495.


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