Example of Puncetto needlelace. Example of Puncetto needlelace.

Puncetto is a knotted needle lace made with needle and thread, without a frame, and is worked back and forth, in rows. The technique originates from the Valsesia area in the North Italian Piedmont. Puncetto lace is characterised by its strictly geometric designs. In the late nineteenth century, it was promoted by the Anglo-Irish Mrs. Johnson-Lynch. It is also sometimes referred to as Punto Avorio ('ivory point').

The name is derived from the diminutive for the local 'punc', for point. Puncetto is especially used as an edge for garments, including, in the past, ecclesiastical vestments. It is still applied to local clothing. Important centres for Puncetto production in Valsesia are Varallo and Fobello.

For a brief introduction to the working of Puncetto lace, see this film (retrieved 1 February 2017).

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