Boutis Quilts

Detail of a boutis quilt. Detail of a boutis quilt.

Boutis quilts originate from along the southern coast of France, around Marseille. They are characterised by the stuffing (boutis in Provençal) being sandwiched between the two layers of the quilt in specific parts of the design. Boutis are regarded as a form of Provençal quilting, and they seem to have been made since the nineteenth century. The term boutis is nowadays often used for all forms of Provençal stuffed quilting.

A Maison du Boutis is located in Calvisson, and displays various forms and examples of Provençal quilting.

A related form of quilting is trapunto, and a famous example is the Tristan quilt from Sicily, preserved in two fragments, one of which is housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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