Spangle (UK)

Gold spangles on a shoe. Gold spangles on a shoe.

A spangle (UK) is a small, thin disc of metal with a hole in the middle. Spangles, in the UK meaning, are made by cutting a small segment (single winding) off a spirally wound metallic wire. This part is used to form a small ring that is then flattened between rollers or under a hammer. A characteristic feature of a spangle is a small indentation on the outer edge.

In the twentieth century, the role of spangles was superseded by sequins made of glass or plastic (but not metal as this is a feature of a spangle). In French, spangles are called paillettes, a term that has a different meaning in English.

See also: cuvette; spangle (USA).

Source: MARSH, Gail (2006). 18th Century Embroidery Techniques, Lewes: Guild of Master Craftsman Publications. Paperback edition 2012, pp. 38-69.

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