Raven Crown of Bhutan

King of Bhutan wearing the Raven Crown King of Bhutan wearing the Raven Crown

The Raven Crown is the name of the royal crown worn by the King of Bhutan. The design of the crown dates to the late nineteenth century and was developed for the father of the first king of the Wangchuck dynasty of Bhutan (Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck, 1862–1926), who came to power in 1907.

As with so many Bhutanese forms and designs, the crown is based on traditional Chinese examples, but with additional Buddhist and Bhutanese symbols. The crown is so named after the raven’s head added to the top of the crown. This head is made of appliqué and embellished with embroidery. The raven has for long been the sacred bird in Bhutan and represents the Buddhist and Hindu deity, Mahakala. The crown, and in particular its rim, is decorated with various embroidered designs.

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