Angora goat. Angora goat. Public domain.

Mohair is the hair produced by the Angora goat. It is a durable fibre that has a high sheen. Mohair fabrics provide warmth in winter, and coolness in the summer. The fibres are easily spun, and take dyes relatively easily. The scales of the fibres are shallow, and the hairs are therefore generally combed, rather than carded. Mohair fibres are often mixed with other, cheaper fibres. 

South Africa is currently the largest producer of mohair. The shearing of mohair goats is relatively easy, since the mohair goat is a single-coat breed. The Angora goat, characterised by its curly hair which also covers most of the head (which makes it look like a sheep) is named after modern Ankara, which for many years was the sole producer of mohair. The first mohair was exported to Britain in the early nineteenth century. Since then, Angora goats and cross-breeds were introduced in South Africa, the United States (especially Texas), Australia, Canada, and elsewhere.

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