Sherry's American quilts

A late 19th century crazy quilt from the USA. A late 19th century crazy quilt from the USA. Courtesy Textile Research Centre, Leiden, acc. no. TRC 2018.2407.

From 20th August until 18th October 2018, the Textile Research Centre in Leiden set up an exhibition of American quilts donated to the TRC by the American collector and quilt specialist, Sherry Cook.

The exhibition included some thirty quilts and quilt tops, including a quilt with a patchwork top with appliqué designs of airplanes, created in commemoration of the cross-Atlantic solo-flight of Charles Lindbergh in May 1927 (TRC 2018.2627). Perhaps even more intriguing is a blue/white pieced quilt with a Feathered Star design. It is believed that this quilt dates to the mid-nineteenth century or even earlier. 

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