Nyonya Needlework Exhibition

Example of Nyonya (Peranakan women) needlework. Example of Nyonya (Peranakan women) needlework. Copyright Peranakan Museum, Singapore.

"Nyonya Needlework: Embroidery and Beadwork in the Peranakan World" is the title of an exhition that was on display from 24th June 2016 until March 2017 at the Peranakan Museum in Singapore. This exhibition celebrated the art of Nyonya ('women's') needlework, a vibrant part of Peranakan Chinese heritage.

The exhibition include spectacular curtains and hangings, delicate purses, handkerchiefs, and slippers, which were stitched with tiny beads, silk, and gold and silver threads for special occasions and as gifts.

Digital source of illustration (retrieved 6th July 2016).


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