Goldwork Templates

Goldthread being passed over the template. Goldthread being passed over the template.

Goldwork templates are made out of card, felt, leather, parchment or something similar. They are used at professional workshops and by embroiderers that produce goldwork

The templates are cut-to-shape and then fastened with a few stitches, pins or more recently, a blob of glue, to the surface of the cloth. The metal thread is laid over the top and couched along the sides of the template. In this manner, very little of the expensive thread passes to the reverse side of the cloth. The template also gives this style of work a characteristic, three-dimensional effect. This technique can be found in workshops throughout the world. It was widely used, for example, in Europe (especially Britain and France) for court, diplomatic and military uniforms.

Digital source of illustration (retrieved 22 june 2016).


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