Embroidery Workshop

The Embroidery Workshop, by Pietro Longhi (1701/2-1785). The Embroidery Workshop, by Pietro Longhi (1701/2-1785).

'The Embroidery Workshop' is an oil painting by Pietro Longhi (1701/2-1785; aka Pietro Falca), now in the Museo Correr in Venice. It shows a group of women being engaged in various activities related to embroidery.

The woman to the left is working the front panel of a man's waistcoat. The man looking over her shoulders may in fact be the future wearer. In the middle is a seated woman spinning a thread, probably silk. On the reel on her left side are the unspun (silk) fibres; there is a spindle in her right hand, and the spun thread would eventually be wound around the spindle shaft. Another woman, further to the right, is making bobbin lace.

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