Lady Jane Allgood, 1721-1776

Lady Jane Allgood (1721-1776). Lady Jane Allgood (1721-1776).

Lady Jane Allgood (1721-1778) of Nunwick Hall, Northumberland, England, is portrayed with a large embroidery of tulips and anenomes, reportedly intended for some chairs and screens at the estate. The chairs and screens with the embroideries are apparently still at Nunwick Hall.


The embroidery depicted in Lady Jane Goodall's painting may be compared to a contemporary embroidered seat cover housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Nunwick Hall as it stands now was built between 1748 and 1752, after Lady Jane Allgood in 1738 had married her cousin, Sir Lancelot Allgood (1711-1782), and the estate was brought with her as part of the marriage settlement. 

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