British Light Dragoon Sabretache

British Light Dragoon sabretache, c. 1800, England. British Light Dragoon sabretache, c. 1800, England. Royal Collection Trust / copyright Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014, acc. no. RCIN 62228.

In the Royal Collection, London, UK, there is an example of an embroidered sabretache, which was a cavalry officer’s satchel. This style of sabretache is associated with the Light Dragoons, a British cavalry regiment. A sabretache is a flat pouch or satchel with long straps worn by some cavalry and horse artillery officers from the left of the waist belt near to the officer’s sabre.

The example in the Royal Collection dates to about 1800. It is made of red leather with a large, front flap. The flap is covered with leopard skin and further embellished with an applied silver band around the edges, with spangles and with the monogram of GR (George Rex [III], r: 1780-1820) under three feathers (the Prince of Wales’ feathers) set in a crown. The monogram, crown and feathers are worked in mainly silver metal thread.

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