The Plimoth Jacket

Back of the Plimoth jacket. Back of the Plimoth jacket.

The Plimoth jacket is a recreated seventeenth century embroidered woman’s jacket. It was modelled on two such jackets now in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The jacket reflects fashionable items of clothing that were popular in the early seventeenth century and worn by noble and wealthy women.

The Plimoth Jacket Project took place between 2007 and 2009 and involved over 200 needleworkers and 21 lace makers across the USA and Canada, as well as researchers in various museums and institutions. The ground material used for the jacket is a handwoven, undyed linen. In contrast, the lining was made from a handwoven silk dyed blue with natural indigo. Some 4000 metres of silk thread and 10000 gilded silver spangles (made with seventeenth century tools and technology) were used. The embroidered motifs on the jacket include flowers and leaves.

The project was organised by the Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum of seventeenth century American colonial life, in Plymouth, Massachusetts (USA). The jacket is now on permanent display at the museum.

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