Rows of hassocks on church pews, Cornwall, Britain. Rows of hassocks on church pews, Cornwall, Britain.

A hassock is a small, padded rectangular wooden box with no legs, which some Christian groups use in church to rest their knees when kneeling, usually to pray. The top of a hassock may be covered with a canvas work embroidery using a variety of hardwearing stitches, such as cross stitch, trammed tent stitch or rice stitch.

In the USA and Canada a hassock is called a kneeler. In the UK, a kneeler is the long, low bench, or long cushion, located in front of the altar, upon which individuals or groups kneel. It is also the popular term given to people who kneel in a church while praying.

Source: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary: 'Hassock'.

Digital source of illustration (retrieved 22nd June 2016).


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