Sarah Stone's Sampler

Sarah Stone's sampler, Salem,  Massachusetts, USA, 1678. Sarah Stone's sampler, Salem, Massachusetts, USA, 1678. Winterthur Museum Collections, 1981.0007 A.

Sarah Stone's sampler is one of the earliest surviving American samplers, and was made by Sarah Stone in 1678. She lived in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts (USA). The sampler is c. 42 x 19 cm in size and worked in coloured silks on a linen ground. It is worked in various stitches, including back stitch, cross stitch, detached buttonhole stitch, double running stitch, eyelets, long-armed stitch and satin stitch.

The design is based on a series of horizontal bands, which enclose stylised flowers, geometric shapes and the text: "That God in Mine/Assuredly I know/BECause MY bless/ed Jesus MADe Him/so Sarah Stone/1678"

In the twentieth century the sampler became part of the Theodore H. Kapnek Collection. It is now housed in the Winterthur Museum Collection, Wilmington (USA; acc. no. 1981.0007 A).

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