Home of the Brave Quilt Project

Pattern for a Home of the Brave quilt. Pattern for a Home of the Brave quilt.

The Home of the Brave Quilt project is a USA grassroots organisation set up to make and present a quilt to the immediate family of every USA military member who has died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The project was founded by Donald Beld of the Citrus Belt Quilters (southern California, USA) and was started in July 2004.

Quilters throughout the USA now participate in the project. The modern quilts are based on reproductions of quilts made for soldiers during the USA Civil War (1861-1865). Each quilt is composed of fifteen blocks, measures c. 125 x 200 (48” x 78”) and is labelled:

“This replica of a Civil War U.S. sanitary commission quilt was given to the family of …………….. who died from injuries received while on active duty in Iraq (or Afghanistan). By the members of Citrus Belt Quilters, Redlands, CA".

To date some 6,301 quilts have been delivered to 5,212 families. So far, there are the names of 7,280 dead military members listed in the Home of the Brave Quilt Project database.

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