Marine Comfort Quilts

Trademark of the Marine Comfort Quilts. Trademark of the Marine Comfort Quilts.

Marine Comfort Quilts is a grassroots project in the USA that was originally organized to make and present a quilt to the next-of-kin of every US Marine Corps soldier who died in the war in Iraq. The project began in March 2003 following an attack against a US Marine unit in An Nasiriya, Iraq, which left eighteen marines dead.

The son of Jan Lang almost died in the attack and although she had never made a quilt before, Mrs. Lang decided to make one for each family of the eighteen dead. She recruited other mothers of marines via an online support group, asking for quilt blocks with messages of comfort and gratitude. By 2014 a volunteer group of some 600 quilters had made and distributed 4,000 quilts. The group has decided to make a quilt for every USA Armed Service member (not just marines) killed in Iraq. Each quilt is made from thirty blocks, measuring 12.5” x 12.5” (32 cm by 32 cm). Each block is signed by the quilter and/or contains an inspirational message from a quilter or a veteran. The messages are collected by various USA veterans organisations.

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