Cover of the Bulletin de CIETA. Cover of the Bulletin de CIETA.

CIETA is an international textile society that was founded in 1954. The abbreviation CIETA stands for Centre International d'Études des Textiles Anciens. It is based at the Museum of Textiles, Lyons, France.

The aim of CIETA is to coordinate work methods and terminology used by specialists in ancient and historical textiles. CIETA, for example, is involved in the training of specialists in the methods of analysis. Every two years there is an international meeting to discuss current textile research in a variety of related fields.

The Bulletin de CIETA is regarded as one of the most important journals on archaeological and historical textiles. In addition it also issues two Gazettes (newsletters) per year that present information about meetings, publications, exhibitions and so forth.

CIETA includes a group that focuses on embroidery, called the Groupe Broderie de CIETA.

Address: CIETA, 34 rue de la Charité, 69002, Lyons, France.

Website CIETA.


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