Groupe Broderie de CIETA

Logo of the Groupe Broderie de CIETA. Logo of the Groupe Broderie de CIETA.

CIETA is an international textile society that was founded in 1954. The abbreviation CIETA stands for Centre International d'Études des Textiles Anciens.

CIETA is based at the Textile Museum, Lyons, France. The aim of CIETA is to coordinate work methods and terminology used by specialists in ancient and historical textiles. The Bulletin de CIETA is regarded as one of the most important journals about archaeological and historical textiles.

One of the sub-groups of CIETA is the Groupe Broderie de CIETA, which was established in December 1995. For many years the newsletter of this group was collated, edited and published by Anne Wanner (Textile Museum, St. Gallen, Switzerland). She retired from this position in December 2015.

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