Fassett, Kaffe (b. 1937)

Seed packet quilt, designed by Kaffe Fassett. Seed packet quilt, designed by Kaffe Fassett. From 'Kaffe Fassett's Bold Blooms', 2016.

Kaffe Fassett was born as Frank Fassett in San Fransisco, in 1937. Since long living in the UK, he became a famous author, and artist best known for the very colourful designs that he used for various forms of the decorative arts, including embroidery, knitting and patchwork, but also ceramics and painting. For a long time, he worked together with the fashion designer Bill Gibb (d. 1988).

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, organised an exhibition dedicated to his work in 1988, and in 2013 the Fashion and Textile Museum, also in London, mounted the exhibition "Kaffe Fassett - A Life in Colour".

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