Helm, Margaretha (1659-1742)

A design by Margaretha Helm (1659-1742). A design by Margaretha Helm (1659-1742).

Margaretha Helm (1659-1742: née Mainberger, also known as Margaretha Helmin) was an embroidery teacher working in Nuremberg, Germany. She was also a skilled copper plate engraver, who created a series of plates of many of her embroidery designs.

These designs on copper plates were later printed in a three-volume work: Part I. Kunst- und Fleiss-übende Nadel Ergötzungen oder neu-erfundenes Neh- und Stick-Buch. 52 numbered plates; Part II. Fortgesetzer Kunst- und Fleiss-übender Nadel- auch Laden-Gewirck-Ergötzungen oder neu-erfundenen Neh und Stick-Buchs Anderer Theil, 51 numbered plates; Part III. Continuanto der Kunst- und Fleiss-übenden Nadel-Ergötzung oder des neu-ersonnenen besondern Nehe-Buchs Dritter Theil, 54 numbered plates. The plates include designs for the decoration of shoes.

The books were published by Johann Christoph Weigel of Nuremberg, in about 1725.

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