Darned Huckaback

Example of darned huckaback. Example of darned huckaback.

Darned huckaback is a type of darned embroidery on huckaback cloth. This type of embroidery was introduced in Europe in the late seventeenth century and it became very popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It was normally worked in floss silk.

Darned huckaback was used to decorate household textiles, such as towels. The type of stitch used for this type of work is a running stitch, which in this context is also sometimes called a darning stitch or a surface stitch. In the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries it is often made using a darning stitch with a mercerised cotton of some form on a tabby weave ground material, rather than huckaback cloth.

Also called: huck embroidery; huckaback embroidery; huckaback needlework; popcorn embroidery


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