Tabby Weave

Schematic drawing of a tabby weave. Schematic drawing of a tabby weave.

Tabby weave is the simplest weave binding system. It is based on two or more warp threads (ends) and two or more weft threads (picks). Each weft thread crosses over and under the warp threads. Then the next weft thread goes under and over the warp threads. The third weft thread repeats the action of the first, going over and under, and so forth.

A balanced tabby weave is where there are the same number of threads per square centimetre in the warp and weft. 

Also called: cloth weave; plain cloth; plain cloth weave; plain weave.

Source: BURNHAM, Dorothy (1980). Warp and Weft. A Textile Technology,Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum, p. 72.


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