Carrickmacross Lace

Example of Carrickmacross lace. Example of Carrickmacross lace.

Carrickmacross lace is a form of appliqué net lace developed after the invention of bobbinet in the early nineteenth century. The design was drawn onto a backing cloth, which was tacked to an overlay of the bobbinet and a fine muslin (cambric). A couched outlining thread was used to attach the muslin to the bobbinet following the pattern, after which the excess material and backing cloth were cut away.

The lace production was introduced by Mrs Grey Porter from Donaghmoyne, who wanted to give local women the means to earn some extra money. From about 1840's the bobbinet was replaced by a guipure form whereby the motifs are held together with needlepoint brides.

Carrickmacross lace was worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, at her wedding in 1981, and by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, when she married Lady Diana's son, William, in 2011. 

Source: EARNSHAW, Pat (1982/1984). A Dictionary of Lace. Aylesbury: Shire Publications. p. 29.

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