Miniature Needlework

Example of miniature embroidery. Example of miniature embroidery.

Miniature needlework, or miniature embroidery, is the embroidery of miniature designs on a very fine canvas. Many items are worked on a 1/12 scale (1 inch = 1 foot). Such items are often worked on a silk even-weave cloth with a thread (mesh) count ranging from 24 to 75 meshes per inch. The main stitch form used is petit point.

This type of embroidery, especially for bags and jewellery, became popular in Europe in the mid-nineteenth century. Much later, companies such as Petit Point were set up in the 1930's in Vienna to continue and preserve this type of work. By the end of the twentieth and in the early twenty-first centuries, this type of work is very popular in the USA and Britain for making doll’s house furniture, bags, carpets, covers of all types, cushions, fire screens, luggage racks, pillows, rugs and table cloths.

It is also possible to obtain miniature furniture and picture frames on which to mount the embroideries, as well as miniature equipment, notably embroidery hoops and loops, rectangular frames on stands, and slate frames. In 1997, a group called the Miniature Needlework Society was founded in England to link and support miniature needlework enthusiasts.

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