Example of lacis in its more restricted meaning. Example of lacis in its more restricted meaning.

The Italian word lacis is used in different ways: (a) as a general term that is often translated as ‘network',  and according to some authors this includes interlaced, knotted or woven forms of decorated net; (b) as a specific form of network that uses a woven net with square meshes. This more specific meaning of the word is used for TRC Needles. It can be described as a form of embroidered lace.

The design for (b) is normally worked with a running stitch (in Italian called punto a rammendo) in one direction only, often covering two meshes (squares) at a time. Another method is by using a linen stitch (Italian: punto a tela), which is closely darned in both directions so that several crossing threads occur within each mesh (square).

Also called: opus filatorim.

Source: EARNSHAW, Pat (1984). A Dictionary of Lace, Aylesbury: Shire Publications Ltd., p. 96-97.

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