Narsapur (or Narasapuram) along India's eastern coast in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is known for its (Irish) crochet work. The International Lace Trade Centre is established here, and so are PanGodavari, another handicrafts centre, and the Comprehensive Handicrafts Cluster Development Scheme.

Marasim (Hindi/Urdu for connections) is an organisation since 2014 established in New York that explores crafts and designs from isolated parts of the world and tries to connect them to Western textile industry and bridge the cultural divides. The organisation was founded and is led by Nidhi Garg Allen.

Embroidered bed hangings from Aston Hall, Birmingham, have gone on display again in August 2021 after a ten-year conservation project. The wool on linen hangings decorated a full tester bed in which, so it is sad, King Charles I slept in 1642. The hangings include two curtains,  pelmets and a bed covering, and are decorated with crewel work.

The Textile Research Centre in Leiden has some pattern slips or sheets for crochet or embroidery, which used to be rolled up in DMC balls of thread. The slips measure 22-24 x 4 cm.

From the nineteenth century Kerman embroidery is characterised by a woollen ground with a twill weave. The ground is often red, but other colours, such as black, blue or white, are also found. Designs are based on the buteh motif and stylised flowers, which are worked in bands or individually, with coloured woollen threads.

The World Crafts Council was founded in 1964 and brings together craftspeople and organisations from all over the world with a shared commitment to promoting the values of craft and artisanship. Its members are active in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa. The WCC is committed to promoting craft and making sustainable businesses; and to sharing its knowledge and expertise to the benefit of craft.

The Crafts Council Nederland is a platform for contemporary crafts that unites art, fashion, design and heritage. It aims at preserving craft techniques by supporting individual craftsmen and women, and by presenting the field of crafts to a wider public. It is an affiliate of the World Crafts Council.

Jess de Wahls (1983) is a textile artist and embroiderer who was born in (communist) East Berlin, and moved to the UK in 2004. She has set up a commercial line in embroidered flower patches that can be ironed onto T-shirts and other garments, and which are sold, among others, by Liberty of London. 

Between 3 March and 18 July 2021, the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, presented a large exhibition with the title Haute Bordure. The curator was Eveline Hoisappel. Unfortunately, because of the corona pandemic the exhibition could only be seen by the public from early June.

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